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Nature Shop are stockists of the complete range of merino wool clothing from Icebreaker. Icebreaker produce a fantastic range of performance merino sportswear and a range of premium merino fashion styles. Merino wool provides you with superb temperature regulation and breathability whilst being silky soft against your skin and odour resistant.

Icebreaker Environmental Credentials

Icebreaker have made a genuine commitment to sustainability and environmental and social responsibility. It helps of course that their products are made from natural materials but their commitment certainly doesn't end there. They produce their merino wool clothing in Shanghai in China under strict conditions that guarantee fair pay and working conditions for all employees. They also adhere to an in-depth environmental program designed to minimise waste and pollution and reduce their carbon footprint. They are part of an environmental assurance program and comply with Oeko-Tex environmental standards for textiles manufacturing. Icebreaker exclusively use environmentally friendly packaging. All Icebreaker merino garments are made from pure New Zealand merino wool from the Southern Alps.

Icebreaker Animal Welfare

Icebreaker are committed to maintaining high animal welfare standards. Their agreements with their high country farmers stipulate that at minimum they must provide their stock with the following: freedom from thirst and hunger, provision of appropriate shelter, prevention (or rapid treatment) of disease, freedom from distress and the ability to roam freely. All of the merino wool used in Icebreaker clothing is sourced from sheep that have not been “mulesed”.